Buy Semi-Seasoned, Hard Firewood – Pickup or Delivery

Our new cord wood processor is running and we are happy to provide you with a low cost option for your fire wood needs. We offer a wide variety of lengths to fit your fireplace or stove. Our firewood is Hardwood, semi seasoned, non-debarked, cut and split.

Call (800) 258-4718

Cousineau’s is now offering reduced rates on green cords for the spring season.
 We are also capable of bulk sales of 10 cords or more at a time.

Split Hard, Semi-seasoned Firewood for sale!

Please call for updated pricing and get your firewood wood early for the next heating season.

One Cord of Wood

One Cord of Wood
We Deliver
Please call (800) 258-4718 for delivery information & pricing.

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