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Our products are used by companies that make paper, electricity, MDF & masonite board, wood pellet fuel and as furnish for wastewater treatment. We are currently working with a group of approximately 100 suppliers and deliver over 400 loads per week of product to these various industries.

Our feedstock products includes:

  • Pulp Wood
  • Paper Quality Chips
  • Biomass/Whole Tree Chips
  • Playground Chips
  • Mulch
  • Raw Bark

Our wood fiber services include:

  • Procurement: We service our customers with a comprehensive wood procurement program, which includes:
    • Working with our customers and their financial institutions to help explain the intricate art of feedstock procurement.
    • The ability to be bonded for additional security for our customers.
    • Sourcing from multiple suppliers to control wood costs and to guarantee a  reliable supply.
    • Quality Assurance monitoring at the source and at the final destination.
    • Coordinating closely with suppliers and customers to meet critical schedules.
    • Handling all logistics between our customers, the suppliers and the trucking companies.
    • Weekly invoicing of our customers saves them thousands of hours annually in their accounts payable.
    • Open book policy with our customers allowing them to perform an audit at any time.
    • Weekly payments to all vendors which includes the resolution of any discrepancies.
    • Greatly reducing our customer’s burden and work load associated with their wood procurement needs.
  • Logistics: We optimize the trucking by back hauling which lowers the overall cost of trucking and saves our customers more money.
  • Consulting: We have performed numerous feasibility studies for new business ventures and assisted with yard layouts.
  • Chipping: We can chip at our concentration yards or at remote locations to fulfill our customers chipping needs.
  • Grinding: We offer full service grinding at municipalities and at recycling yards to provide our customers with lower cost recycled fuel.

In an effort to reduce dependence on foreign and fossil fuels, America is exploring alternatives including renewable resources from the forest industry. Cousineau Forest Products is on the cutting edge of these efforts.

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