Certified Playground Wood Chips – (Engineered Wood Fiber)

What exactly is Engineered Wood Fiber?

Our play chips are engineered wood fiber…processed wood, ground to a fibrous consistency and randomly sized not typically over 2″ in length. It is free of hazardous substances and meets ASTM F2075 standard for EWF.

Aren’t insects a problem with wood?

Insects are not a problem. Typically, they prefer larger pieces of wood to bore into. After thousands of installations nationwide, EWF neither attracts or repels insects.

How long does engineered wood fiber last?

Engineered wood fiber will maintain its cushioning properties for the life of the playground, provided the depth is maintained by occasional top-offs. EWF does not decompose as mulch does.

You can pick up or we can deliver!

Our product can be picked up at our manufacturing facility in Henniker, NH and we offer delivery to any location in the Northeastern USA.

Installation & Maintenance for Cousineau Play Chips

Clean the area thoroughly to remove old mulch, trash, stones or other obstructions that could cause injury in the event of a fall.

Outline the perimeter of the playground. This will help to keep the mulch in place and limit the amount of mulch spread around by running children, wind, rain, etc.

Install landscape fabric under the playground area. This barrier will help prevent the growth of grass and weeds in the playground area.

Add the chips to the playground area and rake into place. Depth is to be kept at 12 inches deep at all times.

Periodic maintenance should be performed. Chips should be replaced every 2 years.

Engineered Wood Fiber for Playgrounds